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Product Name: YS-S101
Catory: Stone series
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Published: 2011-10-13 23:16:09
Product Description

1,stone flooring series
2,envirmental glue free
3,No formaldehyde to give off
4,water proof ,soundproof ,anti-static
5 various color avaible



Item: YS-S109 


high quality flooring 

Dimension:                              Packing(Qty/Box)                           Box size

12"x12"x2.0mm                             36PCS                              31.3x31.3x7.8CM

12"x12"x2.5mm                             36PCS                              31.3x31.3x9.6CM

12"x12"x3.0mm                             36PCS                              31.3x31.3x11.4CM

18"x18"x2.0mm                             16PCS                              46.5x46.5x4.5CM

18"x18"x2.5mm                             16PCS                              46.5x46.5x5.2CM

18"x18"x3.0mm                             16PCS                              46.5x46.5x6.0CM

24"x24"x2.0mm                             9PCS                                61.5x61.5x2.2CM

24"x24"x2.5mm                             9PCS                                61.5x61.5x2.7CM

24"x24"x3.0mm                             9PCS                                61.5x61.5x3.1CM